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A DIY: Collage Therapy

What do you do when you stress? Well, I work with my hands. I am the kind of person who feels much more fulfilled when I am doing something that allows me to fiddle in a productive way. I woke up and looked up at my wall and realized for someone who loves art it was startling blank. Being the crafty sort I always have and array of canvases tucked away. Today, the project was a collage, not of the hokey high school art project kind. The plan was to take a square 24″ x 24″ canvas and using good ol’ Elmers Glue and magazine and newpaper bits, collage a japanese cherry tree. They are often depicted using watercolors on rice paper. It creates an abstract, blurred vision of the vibrant pink and red blossoms. Here’s some examples:

Instead of watercolor, I chose to collage it in hopes of creating the abstract look for half the price of paints. Warning this type of project is time consuming. However, the results are very rewarding. My empty wall will finally have some life displayed on it. And I will begin to feel a bit more settled in this life after college with my collage. (Excuse the very very bad pun. I couldn’t resist!)

And now, a look at how my project came together. On a side note, I apologize for not including photos of the newspaper and branch creation process. My fingers were far too gluey to handle a camera.


Total cost: Canvas $15.00, Magazines and Newspapers (Recycled) $0.00, Glue $1.99.


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