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Using Your Connections

I am a big believer that there is no shame in using your connections. It really is all about who you know and who they know in today’s job market. So in my own job search I put myself out there an asked to shadow my dad at a town council meeting. Some might think it is a bit shameless to mooch on your parents connections. I don’t think so. My parents, in particular, are well connected in my home town. Their connections are broad and reach far. It would be silly of me to ignore the wealth of networking available to me through them.

The meeting itself was focused on real estate development, something I know very little about. However, the board members were a hodgepodge of professionals: freelance writers, artists, journalists, architects, city planners, and business owners all came together. It gave me an opportunity to introduce myself to all of these people, and show to them that I am the go-getter type that has the balls to ask to shadow my dad in professional setting in which I am the odd man out for sure. It paid off in the end. I passed off two resumes: one to a local newspaper and one to a local businessman. It also got me an invite to a town event where dozens more local professionals will be gathering. There you go, the art of using your connections starts in the home.


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