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Dress This Mess: I CAN Wear High-Waisted Jeans

I was reading a fashion magazine the other day, doing a little research and a little procrastinating, when I came across the all too common “How To Find the Perfect Pair of Jeans” article. Every girly magazine that ever was has counciled us women on this. If your are curvy wear these, if you are short AVOID these. They tell you how to dress and what will definitly fit your body while at the same time preaching the whole every figure is beautiful and unique. If we are so unique then why are you telling us what will fit our body types? How can you type cast us at all? Unfortunatly, telling me that because I am 5 foot nothing I SHOULD NOT or SHOULD AVOID AT ALL COSTS high-waisted and wide leg jeans doesn’t mean I won’t crave looking like this.

So, to all you nay-sayers and fashion dictators, I say this: I am 5 foot nothin’, proud of it, I am breaking your rules and wearing high-waisted, 70’s inspired, wide leg jeans and making them look good!

(Jeans, Gap 1969 high-rise wide leg jeans $30 on sale; tank, madewell $14; bag, vintage $20; belt, gifted vintage; sunglasses, American Eagle $15; Necklace, JoAnne Fabrics $1.99)

No matter what the fashion police say in the magazines, a woman’s body cannot be slotted into a category like “more curvy,” “boyish,” or “bold.” Finding the right fit really does take trying things on and taking risks. If you follow the guidelines all the time, you will look like every other ho-hum Judy walking down the street. If you like a look, try it. Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t. But at least you tried.


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