Let me begin by saying that I am not much of a planner. My sister got all of those genes. Instead, I am more of the type of person that likes to take things as they come to me. However, I am taking the advice of many a successful person and I am establishing some goals for myself. I hope these keep me motivated, directed, and remind me of why I am doing this project in the first place. So, my goals:

1. Find a job that suits me. I have no desire to place myself in a job just because I need it. If i hate working someplace I can’t see forcing myself to stay in that job. That’s not to say I won’t take opportunities when then come my way, but I won’t lock myself into a job forever. Right now I am testing the field, so to speak. 

2. Be and Belong. I went to church with my parents one sunday, and when I tuned back into the homily, I heard that little catch phrase. The priest was cautioning the congregation about finding the right sort of individualism: not a selfish individualism but one that benefits from and gives back to the community that cultivates it. 

3.  Begin Saving:

4. Put myself out there:


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