About Me.



Oh, right. I’m doing this because it’s time I accept this transformation. I heard today, on an unidentified news network, that those individuals who graduated from a liberal arts colleges were bound to not gain anything substantial from that education. It was better off to go the massive University route, or no college at all! No, I am not attempting to prove them wrong. But I am here to prove that graduating from the liberal arts college isn’t where the education stops. This project is my document, my tangible evidence that I am making the most of my choices in my life. Today I am on my way to finding gradification.


I am just another of the thousands of recent college graduates. I graduated from a liberal arts college in 2011. Now, I am finding myself in the world after college. There’s not much to say about me in this little blurb. The real meat of the story is in the blog. So read it if you really want to know.

If you want to read about my travel adventures in my old blog visit Barefoot Puddle Jumping

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