and so it begins.

Last month I graduated from college. I lined up with the rest of the class of 2011, ready to take my own walk across the stage. Somewhere between the last step up onto the stage, and the other side I swear I blacked out. I went through the motions, don’t get me wrong: photographic evidence supports that I shook the president of the college’s hand, grabbed my diploma, and grinned from ear to ear. But I didn’t hear the hoots of my family in the audience. I didn’t look out over the sea of faces to find those people that made college such an amazing experience. I just blacked out. I went somewhere deep in my own mind, locked in the panic that I was now fully graduated. The transformation was complete.

In that lost moment, I realized something. the transformation was not complete. It was just beginning. That moment was meerly the catalyst that would propel the big, deciding changes of my life as a 20-something year old graduate trying to find her place in a big and ever-changing world.

So, as I go through this change, what I am calling “gradification,” I hope you will join me. The adventures begin here. I am finding my own style; my hopeful career; my talents and skills; and, along the way, testing myself and my strength everyday. It’s time to find gratification in this gradification transformation. (Yes, I know that rhymed.)


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